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New Art4Healing® playlists on YouTube

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Art4Healing YouTube screen shot

We’ve added YouTube playlists!

Art4Healing YouTube screen shot


Did you know? Our YouTube channel has over 90 free videos for you to watch! These videos range from 30-second clips of our workshops to free demonstrations and explanation of the Art4Healing® method.

We want you to be able to tune in to our channel, relax, and get inspired!

Since our video list is growing, we’ve organized our YouTube channel into NEW Playlists of videos. Now, you can select a playlist and watch a whole series of videos from us. We’ve organized videos by subject and by year to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

How about some positive binge-watching? Try one of these relaxing playlists today!

Playlists by subject

Playlists by year

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We’ll be adding new videos to our playlists all the time, so why not subscribe to our YouTube channel? We only need 20 more subscribers to unlock special features from YouTube.

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