Our Mission

To support emotional healing through art & creative expression for those living with pain, grief, fear or stress.

What We Do

Art & Creativity for Healing Inc. (ACFH) supports emotional healing for children, families, individuals, and military personnel using our Art4Healing® method.

We assist adults and children suffering from the emotional impacts of abuse, illness, grief, fear or stress. Our individual workshops and community programs offer expression, encouragement, clarity, and insight.

ACFH also partners with schools, shelters, hospitals, and other nonprofit agencies to integrate Art4Healing® programs.

How We Do It

We give pain a voice and meaning by providing expressive abstract art workshops to support emotional healing.

We’re different from other art programs. Our Art4Healing® curriculum contains strictly guided exercises, rather than loosely formatted art sessions. These exercises are specially designed to elicit emotional responses. Participants leave encouraged, with enhanced clarity and insight.

Art4Healing® vs. Art Therapy

We are NOT an Art Therapy provider.  We share art as a tool for self-expression and self-exploration. The structure of the Art4Healing® sessions makes clear that the leaders are facilitators of the creative process, not therapists guiding it. ACFH facilitators don’t offer any interpretation or diagnosis.

The focus remains on the participants in charge of their own exploration. The fact that this process is therapeutic DOES NOT make it art therapy.

Art therapy is actually a legally separate institution and field of practice.

Who We Serve

Our trained and certified facilitators share the unique Art4Healing® have helped tens of thousands of people use art as a tool for self-expression.

We also offer the only accredited certification program in the Art4Healing® method. Certification training is provided solely in the Laguna Hills studio.

Our workshops are in our studio in Laguna Hills. Select courses are also offered online.

We work with more than 35 non-profit program partners in Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles counties, centered around six Core Programs.

Our Partners

Partner Agencies and Sites by Program

Here is the current list of our Partner Agencies. We serve a wide variety of Agencies throughout Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles counties.

Art4Healing®: Creative Tools for Homeless Children & their Families
Healing for Heroes and Their Families
Vintage Colors: Art4Healing® Over 60
Raging Colors: Expressive Painting for Teens
Out of Darkness: Women Survivors
Visiting Art Angel Bedside Program
Youth Leadership and Mentoring

Tens of thousands of participants have found our creative intervention invaluable when dealing with life’s pains. It’s our mission to make that number grow!

As a Not for Profit Organization, we rely on your donations to thrive and grow!  We take donations through Qgiv, a partner service.  You will be redirected there to share your generosity.

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How We Started

Wall StreetThe history of Art & Creativity for Healing has an interesting beginning. Laurie Zagon went from being a New York artist and university professor to facilitating a workshop for overworked Wall Street executives.

Zagon asked the executives if they wanted to take the semester course she was teaching at the City University of New York.

“No! We just want to take one class and mess up a canvas for a few hours.”

Within twenty minutes, the Armani-clad executives had become five-year-olds painting, free of stress.

She knew she was on to something. Her innovative philosophy is summed up in this quote:

laurie zagon quote

In Laurie’s Words

Laurie Zagon was interviewed by host Dawn Kamber on Saddleback college radio. In it, she did a wonderful job truly clarifying the Art4Healing® Methodology. This is a great listen for anyone interested in our Workshops or Online Courses.

The Critical Mass for Business podcast also interviewed Laurie. Listen in on this 20 minute interview with host Richard Franzi about the impact of Art & Creativity for Healing’s programs in the community. Whether you’re new to Art4Healing® or have been a longtime fan, it’s always interesting to hear a Founder’s insight!